Targeting SMBs

Information Strategies, Inc. also offers proprietary channels to reach the large, fragmented SMB market.

Clients use our advisory services to create effectives messages and efficiently reach SMBs across diverse industry sectors via our exclusive channels and other platforms.

Our Multi-Media Proprietary Platforms include:

  • Websites
  • Podcasting
  • ezines
  • Radio
  • Books

Using original content and delivering vital data via Information Strategies, Inc.’s proprietary channels, the SMB audience is more receptive to listening and considering offerings brought to their attention.

Advertising Services

Due to the size, engagement and loyalty of our audiences, companies may wish to advertise on one or more of Information Strategies, Inc. programs on various media platforms. We will work with clients to:

  • Create special sections
  • Drive new ad sales opportunities
  • Provide Custom Research to drive sales to SMBs
  • Blend online and print media into a powerful marketing program for advertisers

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For further information on how our services could help your business target SMBs, email